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you really a bitch if you let the microwave hit zeros while your family is asleep you disrespectful bitch


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word of GDL is that he played ianto jones as autistic

ianto is autistic it’s sort of canon


Pray for Korea, Pass it on


Don’t Just Pray for your Idols, Pray for Korea in a whole. Because both sides need it. Each normal person in either North or South Korea need strength in order to survive all the pain they are going through. Don’t just think about the government and their stupidity, think about all the people there who just want peace and for Korea to be together in harmony again. 


One of the things that America has done that really ticks me off is how it has dehumanized the North Korean people and turned their plight into a laughing matter. Sometimes I dread telling people that I’m Korean, not because of all their preconceived notions (usually from asian americans) about…

I sincerely don’t have any words that can describe how much I agree with this. People (not just Americans) make so many jokes about North Korea and forget that the North Korean people aren’t something to be made fun of. These people are going through, and have been going so much for generations. It breaks my heart to read about the first hand opinions of the Korean people. I really do believe the American people are just ignorant to what is really happening in the world, people need to be informed of the severity of the events happening in the world and how ignoring or making fun at a situation of this severity may just cause a bigger problem.

I personally have no real way to learn what is happening in the world, so I look a lot of it up online. I read people’s stories, world news articles. I simply try to stay educated on what is going on. I have so much sympathy for the Korean people. I sincerely hope things changes for the better.